As strategists and niche seekers, we identify, design and assist to implement, operationally high ROI, anti-fragile projects, for niche markets for our Investment partners. What differentiates us from the rest, is that we can supply highly skilled operator/ partners for
these projects and supervise them to mitigate all possible operational risk for our clients.
Against a pre-agreed Development fee we deliver “pay and play” shovel ready

Infrastructure Funding
We represent through SSCP and by their formal association going back decades in interactive experience, first-tier funders and executors of governmental backed projects in:
a) Transport Infrastructure, i.e. Roads, Rail, Bridges and Airports and Ports,
b) Power generation through Coal or Hydro, Gas, Solar and Wind, with a specialty in retrofitting aging Coal Power Plants.
c) Petro Chemical Sector in the entire value chain i.e. Refinery Plants, storage, pipe lines, as well as L and G.

These funders have typically a USD 100 m minimum ticket size per project with no ceiling and usually come with 80% of their own funding. They strongly prefer EPC+F governmental projects and require sovereign guarantees.
The projects can be anywhere in the world.

M & A
We also formally represent through investment bankers, some of the largest, global food investment companies, both public and private.


They have appointed us as gatekeepers, to source for them opportunities to invest in existing, successfully operating agribusinesses/projects in Sub Saharan Africa, or anywhere else, if within their criteria, in food security projects as well as assets in aquaculture, hydroponics, beef, dairy, and crop production farms, and their value chains, with a quantum of US $50 million to upwards of US $500 million per project. Their model, although not written in stone, is to acquire majority stakes in successful operations with good prospects for growth and to re-invest together with the current owner operators, who must stay on to supervise eventually much larger operations, focused on export, if possible.
Obviously for listed entities, the investor’s stake although substantial, doesn’t have
to be controlling, as the necessary corporate governance would be in place.

Through local and International funders, Equity and Venture Capital firms we can assist existing projects to realise expansion and acquisition targets and projects.
The investors like to be involved in every part of the value chain and because of the quantum involved, where elements are missing, they can acquire or develop them.
Through international mid-level investment bankers, we can facilitate mergers and acquisitions (M&A) in the Manufacturing, Industrial, Health, Technology, Business Services, Logistics and Material handling, Food and Specialty Ingredients, Media and Interactive Services sectors, with similar quantums beginning from $50 million upwards, Their typical funding model, is to acquire majority shareholding, leave the operators in place, and fund future expansion.

Real Estate
In the Commercial development, Residential and Leisure sectors we represent other groups of investors both local and foreign, looking for opportunities in the USD 20 m upwards range, in new and existing businesses such as Industrial and commercial office space, malls, hotels without flags and residential housing.
Our contribution is value add and growth driven, in order to create and
maximize wealth on a sustainable basis for its investors. Our key capabilities include:
a. Identifying and Sourcing of off-market transactions,
b. Asset Management,
c. Capital Raising and Corporate Finance,
d. Property Investment and Development, and
e. Strategic advisory services

We represent the interests of mining and trading houses as well as owners and operators and have a variety of mining opportunities in commodities and assets from brownfield evaluation to full scale mining or expansion of current operating assets through JVs.