NVH was founded in 2005 to formally house introductions and facilitations of our networked associates on prospective projects.

Our network of associates developed over the last 40 years by the founder Aris Alexandrou, and largely expanded since by partner cooperation, is a mini LinkedIn of highly successful, top drawer individuals and companies, active in a large diversity of sectors, operating across the entire African continent.
In Southern Africa we are proud to count amongst our associates as clients or partners, companies such as Deloitte’s, Investec, Aurecon, Arup, WBHO, Aveng-Grinaker- LTA, Noble, and many others.
In 2017 we introduced USD 1.37 B in credit lines and our associates and partners have introduced many times that multiple in Sub Saharan Africa and around the globe.

We have been honored to have arranged, received and presented with our close associated partners, Stern Solutions Capital Partners (SSCP), a 15 person delegation from the Chinese NDRC (the official department for final funding approval for projects larger than USD 50 m), to some of our other local partners in the engineering and construction sectors, and to take them to formally meet the Presidency, in the form of 6 cabinet ministers of the previous administration, most of whom are still in position, with the view of promoting infrastructural projects in SA. They In turn presented a number of projects requiring funding, currently under evaluation,

SSCP are the transactional arm and sister company to Sterns Value Management (SVM), and owners of the “Economic Value Added” (EVA) concept, which has since the mid-80s, been applied to most of the world’s top 1000 companies and currently also runs Singapore as a nation, and SASEC, the entity controlling the 400-odd Chinese SOEs (State Owned Entities). A handpicked few of these first tier SOEs are formally represented by SSCP.




To be the leading, innovative and nimble facilitation and advisory consultancy enabling access to key emerging Sub-Saharan  
markets, differentiated by strong local know-how and expertise.

Mission statement
By creating successful business partnerships between leading private sector corporations, Philanthropy organisations,
government initiatives  across Sub-Saharan Africa through practical country specific solutions.

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